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2019 Int'l Academic Symposium on Swine Fever Convenes in Beijing
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 The 2019 International Academic Symposium on Swine Fever was convened in Beijing from Oct. 24-25. Over 400 scientists and researchers from 19 countries and regions as well as international organizations attended and conducted academic discussions and exchanges on strategies and key technologies for the prevention and control of animal epidemic diseases such as swine fever and African swine fever. Ma Youxiang, Chief Livestock Officer of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs (MARA), attended the meeting and delivered a speech. 


Ma said that in the context of globalization, the occurrence and transmission of animal epidemics have broken through national and regional borders, thus becoming a common threat to all countries. Ensuring the healthy development of animal farming and safeguarding the public health security required us to implement the concept of “One World, One Health", establish cooperative mechanisms at a higher level for the prevention and control of animal epidemic diseases, and promote a new type of open and innovative cooperative relationship in science and research through learning from each other. In addition, technological cooperation in prevention and control should be expanded to a wider range of areas and joint research should be undertaken on the pathogenesis mechanism, molecular diagnosis, and new types of vaccines for major animal diseases such as swine fever and African swine fever. The exchanges of technological talents should also be intensified to encourage the international flow of veterinary talents and ideas.  


The China representative of the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), representatives from the embassies of the Republic of Korea and France to China, as well as leaders from relevant departments of the Ministry of Science and Technology and MARA attended the meeting. Altogether, 32 experts and scholars from China and overseas reported on the latest research progress on the pathogenesis mechanism and molecular diagnosis of swine fever and African swine fever as well as on the research of new vaccines. 



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