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Antibodies with Antigen
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Code Antibody Name Clonality IC50
FOB price
Biokau-a1001 Sulfonamides  Mouse Monoclonal 3 500 USD/mg ELISA /Immunochromatographic assay
Biokau-a1002 Ractopamine Mouse Monoclonal 0.15 400 USD/mg ELISA
Biokau-a1003 T-2 Toxin Mouse Monoclonal 0.3 600 USD/mg ELISA /Immunochromatographic assay
Biokau-a1004 Neomycin Mouse Monoclonal 0.5 500 USD/mg ELISA /Immunochromatographic assay
Biokau-a1005 Fluoroquinolones Mouse Monoclonal 3 400 USD/mg ELISA /Immunochromatographic assay
Biokau-a1006 Estradiol Mouse Monoclonal 4 400 USD/mg ELISA /Immunochromatographic assay
Biokau-a1007 3-Amino-2-oxazolidinone(AOZ) Mouse Monoclonal 0.15 1000 USD/mg ELISA /Immunochromatographic assay
Biokau-a1008 Melamine Mouse Monoclonal 10 1000 USD/mg ELISA /Immunochromatographic assay
Biokau-a1009 Aflatoxins B1 (AFB1) Mouse Monoclonal 0.05 600 USD/mg ELISA /Immunochromatographic assay
Biokau-a1010 Aflatoxins M1 (AFM1) Mouse Monoclonal 0.05 600 USD/mg ELISA /Immunochromatographic assay
Biokau-a1011 Ochratoxin A (OTA) Mouse Monoclonal 0.2 600 USD/mg ELISA /Immunochromatographic assay
Biokau-a1012 Zearalenone (ZEN) Mouse Monoclonal 0.05 600 USD/mg ELISA /Immunochromatographic assay
Biokau-a1013 Ciprofloxacin (CIP) Mouse Monoclonal 0.5 600 USD/mg ELISA /Immunochromatographic assay
Biokau-a1014 kanamycin Mouse Polyclonal 5 600 USD/mg ELISA /Immunochromatographic assay
Biokau-a1015 Gentamycin Mouse Polyclonal 1 600 USD/mg ELISA /Immunochromatographic assay
Biokau-a1016 anti-β-actin Rabbit Polyclonal 100 uL 140 USD WB, ELISA and others
Biokau-a1017 anti-GAPDH Rabbit Polyclonal 100 uL 30 USD WB, ELISA and others
1. The Unit price is the price of FOB Shenzhen;
2. Freight cost: counted by DHL, Fedex or cheaper way;
3. Terms of payments: By an T/T advance payable against 100% of contract value;
4. Packing: Up to the seller;
5. Origin: Shenzhen China;
6. Delivery time: 5-7 days after the payment;
7. The Price of Antigen is not list;
8. Valid: The price list is valid from 1/1/2020 to 31/12/2020


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